Fast and easy solution for acquiring high-quality retinal images

The iCare DRSplus imaging system makes acquisition of high-quality retinal images fast and easy. The operation of iCare DRSplus requires only minimal training as it's fully automated and iCare’s TrueColor Confocal Technology guarantees detail-rich, crisp images.

Fast imaging without dilation

The iCare DRSplus imaging system is fully automated.  Thanks to this feature acquiring images is fast and the operation requires minimal staff training. iCare DRSplus enables imaging without dilation. It is possible to acquire sharp retinal images in true-to-life colors through as small pupils as 2.5 mm. This can help you to save time when you don’t need to the drops to start to affect. You can also make the exam experience more comfortable for the patient as the dilation is not needed.

Several imaging modalities

There are several imaging modalities available in iCare DRSplus; TrueColor, Red-free, Blue and Red channels and External Eye. Optional modalities include Stereo Viewer and Mosaic function. The white LED illumination used by iCare DRSplus produces TrueColor and detail-rich images, setting a new effective and efficient standard of retinal imaging.

TrueColor Confocal Technology

Remote Exam allows imaging remotely

The DRSplus Remote Exam* allows the user to control the device remotely, extending the distance between the operator and patient. Once the device is connected to the LAN of the medical office, the remote acquisition can be executed from any laptop connected to the same LAN, at a proper safe distance.

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