Retinal tracking leads to improved test results

It is normal that the eye moves or blinks during a perimetry test. iCare COMPASS actively compensates for eye movement with retinal tracking in the same way as the modern high-end OCT devices. The perimetric stimuli are automatically re-positioned to correct retinal locations in real time. iCare COMPASS automatically repeats stimuli that were lost for eye blinks. Thanks to the active retinal tracker, the results are most accurate and repeatable for follow-up.

iCare COMPASS helps save time at the clinic

iCare COMPASS is automated; it has no trial lenses because it has auto-focus for always clear stimuli, it comprises auto-alignment, retinal tracking during perimetry, and at the end of each test iCare COMPASS takes a very high quality fundus image that immediately shows if there are changes in the retina or the optic disc.

Send me more information about the trade-in campaign

Our trade-in campaign is a perfect opportunity for you to get iCare COMPASS! Now you have a chance to get improved results easier by replacing your existing perimeter with iCare COMPASS. We are offering a trade-in campaign until the end of December 2021.
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