iCare ILLUME Connect – a seamless link between screening and eye care specialists

iCare ILLUME Connect is an intuitive software solution that allows eye care professionals to receive referrals effortlessly and securely. An efficient referral workflow helps to facilitate timely detection, diagnosis and intervention, ultimately ensuring that patients receive the specialized care they need.

This software complements iCare ILLUME, a screening platform that uses artificial intelligence and TrueColor Confocal fundus imaging. Learn more about iCare ILLUME.

An efficient referral workflow enhances quality of care

iCare ILLUME Connect offers a seamless link between retinal screening and the eye care specialist. A focused and controlled referral flow and swift digital communications save valuable time, allowing eye care professionals to give their full attention to patients who are most in need of specialized care.

Comprehensive clinical information for better triage

High-quality screening results acquired with iCare ILLUME provide an excellent foundation for triage. Efficient screening and referral sharing enable timely diagnosis and help to ensure that fewer patients drop out following up on referrals.

Screening results and referrals shared via iCare ILLUME Connect are compatible with most widely used electronic health record systems.

Long-term benefits for patients and eye care businesses

Each referral based on signs of diabetic retinopathy presents an opportunity for a new long-term relationship between the eye care specialist and patient. A smooth referral process is key to achieving early intervention and continuity of care.