The original developer of rebound tonometry

The iCare rebound tonometer revolutionized the world of tonometry in 2003. After decades of hard work, Finnish MD, Dr. Antti Kontiola succeeded to find a new, easy, and patient-friendly method of measuring intraocular pressure (IOP).

iCare tonometers are fast and reliable tools designed to help in the process of detecting and monitoring glaucoma. They are easy to use, and measurements do not require anesthetic drops or calibration.

iCare tonometers are available in over 100 countries and more than 100 000 devices have been sold globally

Unique rebound technology has made the iCare tonometer one of the most popular choices among eyecare professionals and patients worldwide. During the past 20 years, iCare has launched several rebound tonometers for different uses, from the most versatile clinical tonometer with positional freedom to the first self-tonometer for diurnal IOP monitoring by patients themselves.

Today, iCare tonometers are available in over 100 countries and more than 100 000 devices have been sold globally. The reliability and reproducibility of the measurements has been proven in over 200 clinical studies and iCare tonometers have become the market leaders in handheld tonometry.

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  • Rebound tonometry is a great alternative to the Goldmann applanation tonometer in both screening and follow-up of glaucoma patients. It is a very reliable technology with a wide range of clinical applications and its use has become widespread in our practices.

    Prof. Jose M Martinez de la Casa, Hospital Clinico Madrid. Clinica Martinez de la Casa Matilla, Madrid, Spain

  • As early adopters of Icare technology, we have many years of experience with the devices. The ic100 has been a wonderful advancement.  The added features that assist the operator with proper alignment ensures the measurements are repeatable and accurate. It is a true timesaver that provides us with measurements we can trust.

    Ron Melton, OD Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. Charlotte, NC Randall K. Thomas, OD Cabarrus Eye Center, Concord, NC

  • In patients with glaucoma, there is a possibility of their eye pressure either fluctuating significantly or being outside the target range (as determined by their doctor). Both these changes are associated with worsening of glaucoma. Monitoring for these changes between office visits can help reassure the doctor and the patient that the therapy is adequate and that the patient is compliant with treatment. If the eye pressure is not stable, then the doctor can recommend additional treatment or tailor the eye drop regimen to stabilize the pressure before permanent loss of tissue or visual field occurs.



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