iCare HOME2

Easy and accurate IOP self-measurement

Key features

  • Reliable and accurate
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Informative user interface
  • Measurements also in supine position
  • A new mobile app with IOP graphs for patient use
  • Private cloud account for patient use
  • Instant data transfer to the clinic

A modern approach to diurnal IOP monitoring

The iCare HOME2 tonometer for patient use revolutionizes glaucoma care. The patient can take IOP measurements during normal daily activities throughout the day and the iCare HOME2 can even be used when the patient is lying down. Measurement results are uploaded to a cloud database from where they are easily accessible both to the doctor and the patient. The doctor is provided with accurate real world IOP data to support treatment decisions.

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Know the True MaxTM: Leveraging the power of real-world IOP data in glaucoma care

By leveraging the insights provided by iCare HOME2 tonometer, eye care professionals can target IOP, tailor individual treatment plans, and review the efficacy of their interventions.

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Enhanced ease of use with iCare HOME2 and PATIENT2

The iCare HOME2 monitoring is easy to deploy as most patients can use the device with the help of intuitive training materials. iCare HOME2 guides the patient to take high quality measurements every time. As with all iCare tonometers, measuring requires no anesthesia, drops, air or other preparation. Many clinical studies have shown iCare HOME, the predecessor of iCare HOME2, to be accurate and reliable.

With the intuitive PATIENT2 mobile app, the patient can follow his or her IOP trends in an iOS or Android mobile device and easily send the IOP results for healthcare professional’s review.

Glaucoma treatment decisions supported by comprehensive and reliable IOP data

iCare HOME2 allows measurements at different times of the day over several days providing a comprehensive picture of intraocular pressure fluctuations. At-home measurements may help reveal IOP spikes that would not have been identified had measurements only been taken during office hours, in the clinic. Doctors have access to the IOP results at any time and the system can be configured to send the doctor an e-mail alert if the IOP rises above a pre-set limit.

Benefits of using iCare HOME2

- iCare HOME2 helps to compare the effect of various medications on IOP to find the optimum regime for a specific patient.
- The IOP data can reveal the need for surgery sooner. iCare’s gentle measurement technique allows post-surgical monitoring to begin without delay.
- iCare HOME2 can be instrumental when treating patients with progressing glaucoma despite reasonable IOPs at the clinic.
- Through enabling patients to collect IOP data and clinicians to follow up with them remotely, iCare HOME2 can save patients’ time and healthcare resources.
- The ability to deliver virtual care is valuable in rural and remote settings.

Patients actively contributing to glaucoma care

Glaucoma suspects and patients can measure their IOP using the HOME2 tonometer during normal activities as directed by their doctor. The iCare PATIENT2 mobile app provides the patient a graphical view of their IOP measurements history which can increase compliance with their treatment plan and follow up appointments. The IOP measurement results are easily shared with the doctor.

Connecting patients and healthcare professionals

iCare CLINIC is a cloud-based software available for practices and hospitals for storing and analyzing IOP information. The IOP information is easily accessible using a mobile app or a web browser and is available for physicians and patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Informative reports are available including a report that compares IOP measurement results from before and after a medication change or a pressure lowering procedure. Uploading IOP information from the iCare tonometers to the cloud happens easily with the iCare PATIENT2 app using a mobile device or with the iCare EXPORT software running in a PC environment.

HOME2 Use Models


  • In patients with suspected glaucoma, daily intraocular pressure monitoring is also essential. In a high proportion of these patients, IOP elevations may be missed during regular scheduled examinations. Knowing these pres- sure peaks exist can help control the disease and person- alize and optimize the treatment regimen. Autotonometry is an efficient option for this purpose, as well as being comfortable for the patient.


  • The ability for patients to measure their own IOP has the potential to transform glaucoma care. By using home monitoring, we can obtain far more IOP measurements to more accurately identify peak IOP and gain greater appreciation of IOP fluctuations. Most patients find iCare HOME easy to use and as IOP measurements can be uploaded to the cloud, the clinician can view results remotely. In my practice, the introduction of iCare HOME has allowed us to move away from office-hour IOP phasing and has provided improved insight into IOP as a risk factor for glaucoma progression.

    Andrew J Tatham, MD, MChB, FRCOphth, FRCS(Ed), FEBO The Edinburgh Clinic, UK

  • iCare HOME is a game changer in the way we manage glaucoma.

    Jamie Craig, professor, MBBS, BMEDSCI, DPHIL, FRANZCO Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

Software download/registration links

Patients can store their iCare HOME2 measurement data in a private account in the iCare CLOUD service or in their healthcare professional’s iCare CLINIC account.

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