Helps detect the early signs of diabetic retinopathy (DR), age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and glaucoma (GLC) using artificial intelligence (AI)

Key features

  • Multiple AI providers to elevate and diversify iCare ILLUME screening solution
  • Efficient screening for DR, AMD, and glaucoma, enabling early intervention
  • AI automatically detects early signs of disease and classifies the results according to severity
  • Patient report with useful heatmaps indicate areas with possible abnormalities
  • Unique confocal technology of the iCare DRSplus fundus imaging system enables screening of all patients, including those with ocular media opacities
  • Faster and more efficient screenings that enable timely help to patients who need it

Fast and effortless screening in all care settings using artificial intelligence

iCare ILLUME is a unique combination of specialized screening software with AI and TrueColor Confocal fundus imaging. Key advantages include a fully automated workflow, high-quality detailed images without dilation, and ILLUME Connect — an option to also share referrals outside of the source organization.

AI reliably and efficiently reviews images — saving valuable time, enabling early intervention, and helping to optimize workflows. For the first time, screening is possible for all patients, including those with ocular media opacities such as cataracts and vitreous cloudiness.


Swift, fully automated operations



The iCare DRSplus fundus imaging system is intuitive and requires minimal staff training.

High-quality images are automatically and securely stored and forwarded for processing by AI.

The report is instantly available and can be discussed with the patient during the same visit.

AI instantly detects early signs of retinal pathology

Artificial intelligence provides efficient processing for higher throughput and reliable results that match the level of a professional human grader. AI detects early signs instantly and classifies the results according to severity. The results available in a downloadable report.

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Fully automated operations offer significant timesaving

iCare ILLUME saves time and speeds up your workflow, thanks to a fully automated process. The iCare DRSplus fundus imaging system is intuitive, easy to use, and requires minimal staff training. There is no need for dilation, as DRSplus can take images through pupils down to a width of 2,5mm. After imaging, the report is instantly available for viewing and discussion with the patient.

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Enabling digital screening pathways and ensuring data security and privacy

With the iCare ILLUME Connect referrals can also be shared outside your organization to increase patient care compliance. At iCare, data security and privacy meet the highest standards. Screening results can be stored in most widely used electronic health record systems. This improves communication between caregivers.

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iCare ILLUME offers versatile business benefits

With iCare ILLUME, healthcare professionals can experience a significant reduction in workload, while maintaining high accuracy, thanks to improved detection, fast and consistent reports, and an easy-to-use interface.
ILLUME is an ideal solution to optimize workflow, streamline processes, scale up screening programs, ensure continuity of care in primary care, and ultimately, save costs.

High-quality images meet the requirements of AI on the first take

Excellent image quality is the prerequisite for reliable and efficient screening. iCare’s TrueColor Confocal Technology presents accurate documentation of the retina in detail-rich images which seldom need to be retaken for analysis by AI. iCare DRSplus can also capture high-quality images through ocular media opacities (cataract, vitreous) – enabling the screening of diabetic retinopathy suspects already suffering from these.

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