iCare PRO

iCare PRO Tonometer - high accuracy clinical use

Key features

  • Ideal for supine patients
  • High accuracy
  • Average IOP value calculation
  • Sterile probes
  • No calibration needed

iCare PRO Tonometer for high accuracy clinical use and research

iCare PRO tonometer offers high accuracy in clinical use, especially for downward measuring of intraocular pressure (IOP) of supine patients. iCare PRO measures IOP also in sitting or standing position. The device has gained wide popularity among eye care professionals, who are doing demanding clinical research and eye surgery.



Data transfer via USB port

The iCare PRO tonometer has a USB port for data transfer to PC with iCare LINK software.

Rechargeable battery

iCare PRO differs from other iCare tonometers as it has a rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery. A full charge takes approximately one hour.

iCare PRO has been introduced to the market after iCare TA01i and before iCare IC100. The significant improvements of the iCare PRO are downward measuring of supine patients, manual selection of the eye to be measured, rechargeable battery and a data transfer possibility.

In addition to a possibility to select which eye must be measured, iCare PRO incorporates a continuous average value calculation. This feature allows checking the average IOP value of the patient after the measuring. The measurement takes only a few seconds, and the results are accurate and reliably repeatable.

iCare PRO stores a history of over 1000 readings that can be browsed easily on the device’s display. You can connect the PRO tonometer to the PC through a USB port and transfer all measured data to the computer.

iCare PRO utilizes small sterilized probes. For proper measurement, iCare PRO should be placed perpendicularly towards the cornea. Should the position be incorrect, the device notifies with an error message.

The easy-to-use iCare tonometers revolutionize effective, early glaucoma detection and control by making the IOP measuring routine quick, effortless and effective. As all iCare’s tonometers, iCare PRO uses the patented rebound technology, which makes IOP measuring a more pleasant experience for all patients. No anesthetic drops or calibration are required.