Publisher: Ther Adv Ophthalmol. 2020 Jan22;12: 2515841419892070.

Authors: Kenneth A. Beckman, Jodi I. Luchs, Mark S. Milner, and Richard W. Yee

Changes in preoperative corneal measurements following same-day intraocular pressure testing with rebound tonometry


Purpose: To evaluate the extent to which rebound tonometry affects corneal surface properties and preoperative corneal measurements.

Setting: Four cornea specialty private practices.

Design: Prospective case series.

Methods: Visual acuity testing, corneal topography, keratometry, and grading of corneal staining were performed on both eyes of 60 randomly selected, previously scheduled patients. Technicians then performed rebound tonometry on one randomly selected eye only. Immediately following, intraocular pressure measurement, corneal topography, keratometry, and corneal staining were repeated on both eyes.

Results: None of the 60 study eyes developed increased staining scores following intraocular pressure testing with the Icare ic100. For corneal staining, mean keratometry, and total corneal cylinder, no statistically significant difference was found from the first measurement to the second measurement between the study eyes and control eyes.

Conclusion: Rebound tonometry with the Icare ic100 may be used on any patient at any time during the exam without affecting the results of other tests, allowing clinicians to test intraocular pressure prior to preoperative cataract or refractive surgery measurements on the same day. This may allow for significant improvement in patient flow in the office and save patients from the cost and time of extra visits.

Keywords: cataract surgery, corneal measurements, Icare ic100, rebound tonometry, refractive surgery, same day intraocular pressure testing