Safe, hygienic, and accurate IOP measuring


The easy-to-use iCare tonometers enable intraocular pressure (IOP) measurement free from air puffs, microaerosol formation, anesthesia, drops or any risk of cross-contamination. iCare’s patented rebound technology uses disposable probes and is proven to be a safe and hygienic way of obtaining accurate IOP measurements, making the iCare tonometers a safe choice for all eyecare professionals.

No air puffs — no microaerosol spreading

Scientific studies suggest that COVID-19 can spread through microaerosol transmission. Non-contact tonometers (NCT) that use air puff tonometry to measure the eye pressure cause the tear film of the eye to spread, increasing the risk of cross-contamination. The iCare tonometers have been recognized as an advantageous way to measure IOP because the single-use probe allows the eye pressure to be measured without leading to potentially dangerous microaerosol spreading.

Choose safety, choose iCare

During these challenging epidemic times when there is a need to adhere to strict hygiene and social distancing standards, iCare tonometers offer an effective, accurate and safe IOP measurement solution.

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