1. Visual field assessment is an important part of monitoring glaucoma, although a common problem encountered in real life practice is that it does not always have good repeatability. The Compass is especially useful in this regard because of its retinal tracking ability. Also, there is no need for addition lenses while performing the examination for presbyopic patients so there is no worry about lens fogging which may interfere with patient performance while wearing masks.

    Aside from its function as a perimeter, it is also a scanning ophthalmoscope which produces high quality images of the optic disc and retina. Structure-function correlation is demonstrated right on the print out making it easy to visualize and explain to the patient. Everything is done in one stop. Altogether, I think the Compass is a very convenient, practical and useful tool to enhance the efficiency and workflow of my glaucoma practice.

    Damrong Wiwatwongwana, Chiang Mai University, Department of ophthalmology, faculty of medicine, Chiang Mai, Thailand