1. iCare HOME is a game changer in the way we manage glaucoma.

    Jamie Craig, professor, MBBS, BMEDSCI, DPHIL, FRANZCO Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

  2. The ability for patients to measure their own IOP has the potential to transform glaucoma care. By using home monitoring, we can obtain far more IOP measurements to more accurately identify peak IOP and gain greater appreciation of IOP fluctuations. Most patients find iCare HOME easy to use and as IOP measurements can be uploaded to the cloud, the clinician can view results remotely. In my practice, the introduction of iCare HOME has allowed us to move away from office-hour IOP phasing and has provided improved insight into IOP as a risk factor for glaucoma progression.

    Andrew J Tatham, MD, MChB, FRCOphth, FRCS(Ed), FEBO The Edinburgh Clinic, UK

  3. In our study, the Icare ic200 overestimated the IOP. The overestimation increased as the baseline IOP increased. The agreement between the IOP measurement by GAT and Icare ic200 was <2 mm Hg at all ranges of IOP. The narrow limits of agreement between the tonometers for an IOP <21 mm Hg makes it a useful alternative to GAT in this pressure range.


  4. There was excellent agreement between the IC200 and GAT tonometers, both in healthy subjects and PCG, with a trend to overestimate IOP when measured with IC200. There was no influence by CCT on IOP measurements in patients with PGC.


  5. The use of Icare tonometry decreased the need of EUAs to evaluate children with glaucoma and significantly increased successful IOP measurement in clinic.

    JAAPOS, 2012

  6. EIDON AF is able to perform Blue Autofluorescence in one shot, not disturbing too much the patient, easily and automatically, allowing us to speed up the workflow in the clinic .

    Giovanni Staurenghi, MD (Luigi Sacco Hospital, Milan, Italy)

  7. EIDON TrueColor Widefield Confocal Scanner gives great retinal images, far superior to a standard retinal camera: you are able to see certain condition in much better visualization, such as Diabetic Retinopathy.

    Steven G Ferrucci, OD, FAAO (US)

  8. EIDON Confocal Scanner allows for TrueColor imaging of the sharpness and clarity we have always desired.

    Farrell C. Tyson, MD (US)

  9. EIDON, three best ways to obtain:

    • Infrared light images to detect what is invisible to the human eye
    • Confocal optical engine for getting sharp images with better visualization of details
    • Confocal white light technology to get real color images through a small pupil

    Giovanni Staurenghi, MD (Luigi Sacco Hospital, Milano, Italy)

  10. EIDON FA is able to offer ultra-high resolution images and video with confocal technology. I feel that a crucial point of this device is , besides its high image quality and resolution, its ease of use: the automatic video acquisition is absolutely amazing!

    Valentina Sarao, MD (IEMO, Udine, Italy)