TrueColor Confocal Technology

iCare’s unique TrueColor Confocal Technology combines the benefits of confocality and white LED light source bringing together high image quality and true-to-life colors. Thanks to these features the iCare fundus imaging systems provide the eyecare practitioners with more authentic perception of retinal anatomy, displaying the smallest of details that can help in the detection, diagnosis and follow-up of pathologies.

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Easier detection of various pathologies

iCare’s DRSplus and EIDON Family produce detail-rich images of the highest resolution, thus allowing for closer analysis and easier detection of various pathologies such as diabetic retinopathy, vein occlusion and macular degeneration. iCare’s fundus imaging systems based on TrueColor Confocal Technology enable acquisition of balanced images with a wide richness of color content and enhanced contrast providing the eyecare professionals an accurate documentation of retinal appearance, and benefits in terms of discriminative power and diagnostic accuracy.