The Gold Standard of Rebound Tonometry

Learn how iCare has set the Gold Standard for over 20 years.

iCare Establishes the Next Level of Eye Care

iCare is a trusted partner in ophthalmic diagnostics, offering physicians fast and reliable devices to help diagnosis glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Our product portfolio includes automated TrueColor imaging, perimeters and hand-held rebound tonometers.

We believe in ophthalmic care that is accessible, reliable and effortless. Our mission is to be the leaders in cutting edge products with innovative technology.

iCare is a registered trademark of Icare Finland, Oy.  Icare Finland, Oy,  Icare USA, Inc., CenterVue S.p.A. and Icare World Australia Pty Ltd. are divisions of Revenio Group representing the iCare brand.

iCare Imaging Systems - with TrueColor Confocal Technology

The iCare advantage of TrueColor captures detail rich images using white LED light to provide superior color fidelity while the confocal imaging blocks scattered light improving image quality. Together they provide enhanced images with greater contrast. iCare imaging systems are fully automated, intuitive and require minimal staff training. Patients will experience reduced waiting times and improved comfort, while office staff gains the benefits of a more efficient workflow.

Imaging devices

Automated Perimetry with Active Retinal Tracking

iCare's innovative perimeters combine visual field tests, fixation loss correction using real-time retinal tracking and confocal fundus imaging, all in one exam. This ensures an accurate match between function and structure resulting in the reduction of motion artifacts.


Hand-held Rebound Tonometers

Our patented design allows for quick, reliable IOP measurements. This ergonomic device has an intuitive user interface which ensures easy, safe and accurate operation. Now patients have access to a home tonometer to collect real-world IOP data. This additional data can be used to customize their treatment plans.   


The Best of Ophthalmic Technology

All iCare’s products are equipped with pioneering technology. iCare imaging systems use a unique confocal TrueColor technology capturing high quality and detail rich images. iCare’s perimeters combined with retinal tracking compensates for eye movements during the test providing more reliable results. iCare tonometers use a patented rebound technology for quick and easy IOP measurements.