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iCare – a trusted partner in ophthalmic technology

Icare USA, Inc., is an advanced healthcare technology company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company is a division of Icare Finland Oy, a global leader in ophthalmological solutions – owned by the Revenio Group Corporation. iCare is a trusted partner aiming to be the leader in patient-centric ophthalmic diagnostics and monitoring. Cutting-edge technology, ease of use and operational reliability are the cornerstones of iCare’s success. The iCare medical device product line consists of – retinal imaging – fundus perimeters – rebound tonometers.

iCare retinal imaging offers TrueColor Confocal technology providing enhanced image quality in a fully automated platform. This, combined with the ultra-widefield option, makes retinal imaging fast and easy, providing efficient diagnostics.

iCare automated tracked perimetry is the first visual field test that combines active retinal tracking and fundus imaging. This enables real-time compensation for eye movements and increased test reliability.

iCare rebound tonometry uses patented technology to obtain reliable and rapid IOP measurements without the need for anesthetic drops. This unique technology used by clinics is also available for patients to gather more IOP data at home.

We believe that ophthalmic care should be accessible, effortless and reliable. Our mission is to establish the next level of eye care.

iCare – over 20 years of innovation

iCare continues to proudly celebrate the 20-year milestone since innovating rebound tonometry. We continue to lead the ophthalmic industry with cutting-edge technology including imaging, perimetry and tonometry.

You know us for tonometry.

Get to know iCare for retinal imaging and fundus perimetry.

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iCare’s imaging, perimeter and tonometer devices are sold in more than 100 countries globally