New features!

The next level of Automated Tracked Perimetry

The iCare COMPASS perimeter just got faster. Read more about the new features below.

New Features of the iCare COMPASS perimeter include:

  • SmartMosaic feature offering wider TrueColor retinal images
  • ZEST Fast strategy decreases exam time
  • Smart Progression Analysis (SPA) report shows change over time

Get the best of both worlds

The iCare COMPASS perimeter has unique technology combining a visual field test with retinal imaging. The NEW SmartMosaic feature captures TrueColor images up to 100°.

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The Smart Progression Analysis (SPA)

1. An overview of 2 baseline exams and the last follow-up

2. The threshold deviation map

3. The Progression Event Analysis, an estimation of visual field loss

4. The global trend analysis, an expected loss over 3-5 years

5. Cluster MDs deviation and trend, for 24-2 and 30-2 grids only

6. Pointwise trend analysis with progression rate

Reduced exam time

The ZEST Fast is a new threshold strategy decreasing exam time. When compared to ZEST, this threshold is 30% faster in glaucoma patients and 40% in healthy patients.

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Compensation of eye movements

The Automated Retinal Tracker compensates eye movements and reduces motion artifacts resulting in improved reliability and accuracy.

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