TrueColor Confocal Imaging Systems

iCare’s range of cutting edge fundus imaging devices provide confocal technology and captures high quality images including subtle details. iCare EIDON Family and iCare DRSplus offers the advantage of TrueColor imaging with multiple modalities for images with higher accuracy. These intuitive devices are fully automated, easy to operate and require minimal staff training while helping office workflow become more efficient. Patients will experience reduced waiting time, improved comfort and an enhanced office experience.

Perimetry with Active Retinal Tracking

Perimetry is a crucial part in the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma, neurological and retinal diseases while microperimetry is essential in detecting and monitoring macular diseases. iCare’s innovative fundus perimeters, iCare COMPASS and iCare MAIA, combine visual field tests with active retinal tracking. This ensures an accurate match between function and structure.

Hand-held Rebound Tonometers

iCare tonometers use a patented rebound technology for quick and reliable intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements. The ergonomic design and intuitive user interface ensure safe, accurate and easy operation. These hand-held tonometers improve clinic workflow and require minimal training. iCare also provides a home tonometer for self-measurement by the patient.