Publisher: Am J Ophthalmol case rep

Authors: Ariana M. Levin,a Elyse J. McGlumphy,b Craig J. Chaya,a Barbara M. Wirostko,a,1 and Thomas V. Johnsonb,∗,1

December 2022 | Am J Ophthalmol | The Utility of Home Tonometry for Peri-Interventional Decision-Making in Glaucoma Surgery: Case Series


Purpose: To describe twelve cases in which home intraocular pressure (IOP) monitoring complimented clinical decision-making in glaucoma management.

Observations: Home IOP monitoring elucidated peaks and amplitudes of variation that were not captured by in-clinic IOP measurements during the pre- or post-interventional period.

Conclusions & Importance: Home monitoring can establish pre-treatment IOP patterns that are not evident during in-clinic measurements. Home monitoring can also demonstrate response to treatment more quickly than in-clinic monitoring and provide more information about nyctohemoral fluctuations than is ascertained by in-clinic tonometry.