Clinical case with iCare COMPASS perimeter

The results of a visual field test suggested glaucoma but another test performed with iCare COMPASS reveled a different diagnosis. Below you can find more details of this real-life case.

Background of the case:

In January 2017 a 63 years old male was referred for suspected normal tension glaucoma in the right eye. The treatment was Ganfort ou.



In the OCT the optic nerve head looked normal

The results of the OCT

In March 2018 a new test was performed with iCare COMPASS

A TrueColor fundus image of the right eye taken with iCare COMPASS

The new results of the exam performed in March 2018

The new results of the exam performed with the iCare COMPASS perimeter in March 2018 show a Nevus with exudation Myelinization of the ganglion axons

Thanks to iCare COMPASS

A precise overlap between areas of depressed sensitivity and areas of nevus and atrophic retina is clearly shown. As the result it was decided to stop treatment with IOP-lowering medications. At the last follow-up (12-09-2019) the patient was stable.


  • The anterior segment of both eyes is normal
  • Retinal nevus in the right eye
  • Excavated optic nerve head ou
  • Stop glaucoma medication, patient stayed stable

OCT looks normal but the traditional visual field shows “nasal step”. One year later an iCare COMPASS test is performed:

  • Nevus with exudation looking like a nasal step defect. The exudate leads to retinal detachment and a detachment causes loss of sensitivity;
  • Myelinization of the ganglion axons: congenital anomaly on the temporal retina which causes a reduction of sensitivity because myelinization blocks light from passing through.

Thanks to the iCare COMPASS perimeter, the areas of depressed sensitivity, nevus and atrophic retina are clearly seen. After a COMPASS exam it was decided to stop treatment with IOP lowering medications. Patient was stable in the last follow-up.


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