Acquire cutting-edge retinal images in a quick, fully automated, dilation-free process with iCare’s DRSplus

iCare DRSplus imaging system

iCare’s DRSplus is a TrueColor confocal fundus imaging system that produces superior-quality images of the retina in an efficient, automated, and dilation-free process. The unprecedented image quality is especially useful when treating patients with media opacities or small pupils down to a minimum of 2,5mm. 

Accurate documentation in true-to-life colors presents eye health professionals with a clear, authentic view of the retinal landscape including the smallest details. The intuitive and user-friendly imaging device DRSplus lets the eye care practitioner dedicate their attention to the task at hand: detecting, diagnosing, and treating pathologies. 

Unprecedented image quality thanks to TrueColor Confocal Technology 

All iCare’s fundus imaging systems share the same first-class image quality. The technological core of DRSplus and the EIDON family is iCare’s unique TrueColor Confocal Technology, a winning combination of confocal optics and white LED light. 

This unprecedented image quality proves its worth especially in challenging diagnosis situations such as when assessing patients with small pupils or ocular media opacities. 

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Obtain detail-rich images through pupils as small as 2,5mm without dilation 

Brightly lit environments and some pharmacological treatments cause the pupil to shrink to a very small size. This poses a challenge for traditional imaging systems – eye care practitioners typically need to be in a dark room or dilate to be able to acquire adequate pictures of the retina. With traditional fundus cameras, for instance, it is difficult to acquire clear images through pupils any smaller than 3,5mm. 

DRSplus produces superior-quality, natural-color images of the retina through pupils down to a minimum of 2,5mm. This means the pictures can be taken in a completely dilation-free process in bright light, saving the eye care professional a significant amount of time and effort. 

DRSplus has the capability to acquire clear images despite ocular media opacities  

Traditional fundus imaging systems are sensitive to opacities which often tend to reflect the light back into the camera. This makes it a troublesome task to obtain clear images of the retina behind the opacity. 

The beam of light on a confocal optical engine is very focused, narrow, and precise. This enables DRSplus to produce high-quality images also in cases where the view of the retina is blocked by cataract or other media opacities. 

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Efficient, fully automated, and patient-friendly screening in no time 

To use DRSplus, one simply needs to ask the patient to position their face on the ergonomic front of the device – and then press start. Thanks to full automation, this task does not require a specialized operator. It takes 16 seconds to photograph one eye and 30 seconds to acquire detailed 45° images of both eyes. 

The simplicity and ease of the system is especially convenient in a screening environment. Minimal staff training suffices, the eye care practitioner does not need to dilate patients to take pictures and no time is wasted in unnecessarily complicated procedures. 

Added safety with Remote Exam 

In addition, retinal images can be acquired and reviewed from a safe distance with the help of the optional Remote Exam feature. This recent software by iCare is dedicated to the task of protecting both patients and eye health professionals under the current circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This functionality makes it easy to perform an examination in compliance with social distancing precautions, extending the distance between patient and operator to several meters. 

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