Expanding iCare EIDON Family perspective
The TrueColor Confocal Ultra-Widefield imaging up to 200˚

The new EIDON Ultra-Widefield Module

Thanks to the new iCare EIDON Ultra-Widefield Module it is now possible to gain a wider view of the retina and get more information about the signs of pathologies in the periphery, up to 200˚.

Now the iCare TrueColor Confocal Technology can be applied to Ultra-Widefield imaging expanding the iCare EIDON Family’s unsurpassed image quality to increased field of view on the retina. The high and sharp image quality enables the detection of small details and signs of pathologies from the center to the periphery.

Revealing the condition of the periphery of the retina


The early signs of different pathologies are often subtle and appear first on the periphery of the retina. A standard field is not enough to reveal these signs as it covers only a small portion of the retina. iCare’s EIDON Family overcomes this limitation with the Ultra-Widefield view that provides an even wider image of the retina than before.


The Ultra-Widefield Module enables capturing 120˚ images of the retina in a single shot and even up to 200˚ with the Mosaic functionality.


By moving the slider on the image it’s possible to see how the field of view changes.

Fully automated imaging

The Ultra-Widefield Module can be applied on any of the iCare EIDON fundus imaging systems. All iCare EIDON Family models are easy to use as they are fully automated. This allows the operator to focus on the patient instead of the device during the exam, ensuring a comfortable experience.

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