Meet us at APACRS

We are happy to welcome you to visit us at booth D09 at APACRS in Singapore on June 8-10.

Visit iCare at APACRS!

We invite you to visit our booth D09 at APACRS in Singapore on June 8-10.

You will have a chance to experience the ease of use and accuracy of the tools we offer to support the diagnosis and management of ophthalmic diseases.

Diabetic retinopathy screening with AI

The iCare ILLUME solution combines the benefits of artificial intelligence and the image quality of the iCare DRSplus fundus imaging system to detect diabetic retinopathy. The process is fully automated, and it only takes a couple of minutes to get a report that classifies the results according to severity.

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Fully automated fundus imaging

The iCare DRSplus fundus imaging system brings efficiency to the clinics. It only takes 16s to get a sharp and clear retinal image. Thanks to the TrueColor Confocal Technology it is possible to acquire images without dilation, even if the pupil is as small as 2.5 mm. This helps to save time and makes the experience more comfortable for the patient. The imaging is also possible through cataract and other media opacities.

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The iCare EIDON Family

The iCare EIDON Family is composed of three different models that have been designed to serve different needs by offering a complete suite of imaging modalities. All three models can capture sharp and detailed TrueColor Confocal images that reveal retina in its natural colors. The assessment of the retinal pigment epithelial layer integrity is possible with iCare EIDON AF and EIDON FA models that include also the Blue Fundus Autofluorescene modality. In addition, the iCare EIDON FA enables the observation of monitoring of the retinal blood flow in detail even after the exam as it can be captured on a video.

All the imaging modalities can now cover a larger portion of retina thanks to the Ultra-Widefield Module that expands the field of view even up to 200˚.

200 degrees of positional freedom

The iCare IC200 tonometer enables accurate IOP measuring in reclined and supine positions. This is useful in clinical, surgical or emergency settings when the patient’s eye pressure needs to be measured regardless of the patient’s position. The easy-to-use iCare IC200 tonometer incorporates guiding features and an intuitive user interface to maximize efficiency in clinical routines. Display and navigation interface are on the back side of the device making the iCare IC200 tonometer truly ambidextrous.

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The objective tonometer

The iCare IC100 tonometer gives accurate and reliable IOP readings. No specialized skills are needed. Just load, align, and measure. The accurate iCare IC100 tonometer is the professional’s choice. Measuring requires no anesthetic drops, air puffs or other preparation.

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24-hour at home tonometry

The iCare HOME2 tonometer revolutionizes glaucoma care by enabling patients to capture their intraocular pressure at different times of the day and night. The doctor is provided with relevant IOP data to support treatment decisions. At-home measurements may help reveal IOP peaks, that would not have been recognized, had measurements only been taken during office hours, at the clinic. iCare HOME2 can support the diagnosis and management of patients with glaucoma by reliably determining peak IOP and patterns of fluctuations.

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