iCare EIDON FA with Fluorescein Angiography capability for ultra-high resolution and Widefield images and videos

Accurate documentation of retina

iCare TrueColor Confocal Technology enables accurate documentation of the retina in natural colors. The enchanced contrast and richness of colors helps to reveal details that might go unnoticed in traditional images.

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Retinal blood flow on video

The iCare EIDON FA fundus imaging system is the most versatile model of the iCare EIDON Family. It can capture a video of the retinal blood flow as well as acquire TrueColor, Autofluorescence and Infrared images.

Customer reference

Ivan Cammack, independent optometrist since 1986

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  • EIDON FA is able to offer ultra-high resolution images and video with confocal technology. I feel that a crucial point of this device is , besides its high image quality and resolution, its ease of use: the automatic video acquisition is absolutely amazing!

    Valentina Sarao, MD (IEMO, Udine, Italy)

  • With the benefit of true color imaging, I am confident in my ability to discriminate between normal tissue and potential signs of pathology. (EIDON, DRSplus)

    Prof. Giuseppe Querques, University Vita Salute, Milan, Italy

  • EIDON TrueColor Widefield Confocal Scanner gives great retinal images, far superior to a standard retinal camera: you are able to see certain condition in much better visualization, such as Diabetic Retinopathy.

    Steven G Ferrucci, OD, FAAO (US)