iCare will be attending the APGC congress in Manila, Philippines, from 24 – 26 May 2024

Visit our booth 43+45 and learn more about our advanced solutions in the ophthalmic field.

iCare Afternoon Symposia

Date: Friday May 24, 15:20-16:00
Place: Meeting Room 4-6
Topic: From Data to Decisions: EnCOMPASSing Glaucoma

Speaker: Professor Christopher K.S. Leung,
The University of Hong Kong
Title: Clinical Applications of COMPASS perimetry in Glaucoma Management

Speaker: Professor Allison McKendrick, PhD, Lions Eye Institute/University of Western Australia
Title: Customizing perimetry and structure-function analysis for individuals

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The next level of perimetry

In the realm of visual field analysis, Automated Tracked Perimetry indicates a significant leap forward, surpassing the limitations in Standard Automated Perimetry (SAP). iCare COMPASS® is an automated perimeter combined with an active retinal tracker and a scanning ophthalmoscope.
This advanced technology provides functional (retinal sensitivity and fixation analysis) and structural (TrueColor Confocal imaging of the retina) information at the same time.

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Screening for retinal diseases with AI

The iCare ILLUME solution combines the advantages of artificial intelligence with the image quality provided by the iCare DRSplus fundus imaging system. Designed to detect diabetic retinopathy, AMD, and glaucoma, this innovative system automates the screening process, delivering rapid results in just minutes.

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Know the True Max: Leveraging the power of real-world IOP data

Maintaining consistent monitoring of intraocular pressure (IOP) stands as a pivotal aspect of effective glaucoma management. Yet, relying solely on sporadic clinic measurements fails to capture the dynamic fluctuations that unfold over the course of a day and night. Acquiring insights into a patient's true maximum IOP holds the key to gaining deeper insights into the condition and tailoring personalized treatment strategies.

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Experience faster and easier IOP measurements with Quick measure

With the Quick Measure feature, the iCare IC200 tonometer measures IOP with only two or three rapid individual measurements, resulting in a shorter test time and making the iCare IC200 an ideal solution for challenging IOP acquisitions.​

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We have re-launched the extremely popular Retina Atlas Campaign, that will once again be active throughout the APGC. You can pre-register for the Afternoon Symposia by clicking on the button below. Pre-registered participants will receive The Retina Atlas at the end of the session, that will take place in Meeting Room 4-6.