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iCare HOME tonometer for diurnal IOP self-monitoring
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Key features

  • Ease of use
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Automatic eye recognition
  • Intelligent positioning assistant
  • Secure data transfer to the iCare CLINIC

iCare HOME tonometer for self-monitoring of IOP

iCare HOME tonometer is the first device available to patients for measuring intraocular pressure at home. iCare HOME provides an extensive and accurate view to the patient’s diurnal IOPs for the eye doctor adding value to glaucoma management. For the patient, iCare HOME provides peace of mind and improves compliance to taking glaucoma medication.

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Glaucoma patients can measure their own IOP during normal daily activities. Measurement results are uploaded into a secure cloud platform and are accessible to the doctor and the patient at anytime. All iCare tonometers measuring principal requires no anesthetic, drops, or air.

The iCare HOME is a lightweight device with its portable case can be used anywhere. The ease of use, accuracy and reliability of the iCare HOME tonometer has been shown to be effective in customizing individual treatment plans.

Glaucoma management based on real world IOP data

iCare HOME allows measurements throughout the day and night providing a comprehensive picture of diurnal fluctuations in intraocular pressure. These measurements may help to reveal IOP spikes and/or variations that may not be discovered if measurements were made only during office hours at the clinic.

In addition to traditional glaucoma diagnostics, the iCare HOME provides long-term IOP monitoring. Diurnal IOP information from the HOME tonometer could reveal the need for earlier management changes including surgical intervention.

Time savings and improved medication compliance

Together, the eye care provider and the patient can follow the effectiveness of glaucoma treatment without a patient visit to the clinic for eye pressure measurements alone. Studies have shown an increase in compliance once the patient has seen their IOP variations while using the HOME. On the other hand, seeing stable IOP data could also bring a peace of mind to the patient.

Rebound technology is gentle for the eyes

The iCare HOME tonometer is based on the widely patented iCare rebound tonometry principle. The iCare measurement uses a tiny disposable probe that makes momentary contact with the surface of the patient's eye without anesthetic.

Reliable measurements with the-easy-to use iCare HOME

The iCare HOME requires minimal training for proper use in the clinic or remotely. The HOME guides the patient to take measurements correctly via audio ques and a positioning light. The device automatically identifies which eye is being measured, stores over 1000 readings and the doctor will advise how often measurements should be taken.

Advanced software for IOP data storing and reporting

Measurements made with the iCare HOME are uploaded to the iCare CLINIC software. iCare CLINIC is secure, cloud-based software for storing and reporting patient IOP results. All information is easily accessible for the attending physician and the patient 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Informative views to IOP data are available, including a view facilitating the comparison of IOP measurement results from before and after a pressure lowering procedure or a medication change.

Upload of information from the iCare HOME to the iCare CLINIC happens easily either with the iCare PATIENT app running in Android mobile devices or with the iCare EXPORT app running in PC environment.

For local storage and reporting of IOP data, the iCare LINK software can be used. iCare LINK is an application that can be installed locally to a PC.