Establishing the next level of eye care.

iCare is establishing the next level of eye care

iCare is a trusted partner in ophthalmic diagnostics, offering physicians fast, easy-to-use, and reliable tools for diagnosis of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration (AMD). Our product assortment includes automated TrueColor imaging devices, perimeters and handheld rebound tonometers.

We believe that ophthalmic care must be accessible, effortless, and reliable, and we aim at establishing the next level of eye care.

iCare is a registered trademark of Icare Finland Oy. Centervue Spa., Icare Finland Oy, and Icare USA Inc. are parts of Revenio Group and represent the brand iCare.

Confocal fundus imaging systems

iCare’s range of cutting-edge devices with unique confocal-based technology captures ultra-high-quality, detail-rich images. Most models offer the added advantage of TrueColor imaging and multiple modalities for images with higher accuracy. The devices are computer-assisted, easy to operate and intuitive, requiring minimal staff training —this could mean reduced waiting time, efficient workflow and improved patient comfort and experience.

Imaging devices

Automated perimetry and microperimetry with active retinal tracking

Perimetry is crucial in finding and monitoring signs of glaucoma, neurological and retinal diseases. Microperimetry is essential in detecting and monitoring macular diseases. iCare’s innovative perimeter and microperimetry devices MAIA and COMPASS combine visual field tests, fixation loss correction by a real-time retinal tracker and non-mydriatic confocal fundus imaging, all in one exam.


Handheld rebound tonometers

iCare tonometers are easy-to-use, hand-held, battery-operated devices that require only minimal training. All iCare tonometers use a patented rebound technology for quick and reliable intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements. The painless and pleasant measuring is accurate and efficient, enabling high patient flow when it comes to tests such as glaucoma screening. The ergonomic design and intuitive user interface ensure safe and accurate operation of the instrument. iCare tonometers also include a model for self-measurement of IOP by patients.


iCare HOME

iCare HOME is the first tonometer available enabling IOP measurements at home during normal daily routines. Extensive and accurate data about the patient’s diurnal IOPs supports treatment decisions and adds value to glaucoma management. Several clinical studies have proven the ease-of-use, accuracy and reliability of iCare HOME.

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The best of ophthalmic technology

iCare’s products are equipped with pioneering technology in tonometers, imaging devices and perimeters.

All iCare tonometers use a patented rebound technology for quick and easy intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements. In imaging devices iCare’s unique confocal TrueColor technology captures ultra-high quality and detail-rich images. Our perimeters offer retinal tracking that compensates eye movements during visual field testing making the perimetry and microperimetry results more reliable and repeatable.