iCare TP01 Probes

iCare TP01 Probe package

Key features

  • Lightweight
  • Single-use
  • Easy to change
  • Reduced contamination risk

iCare Probes for safe and hygienic measuring of IOP

iCare Probes are accessories of iCare tonometers used for safe, painless, and hygienic measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP) with high accuracy. Because the probes are single-use and individually packed, measuring of IOP with iCare tonometers is secured from microbiological cross-contamination and infectious transmissions.

Original iCare Probes TP01 are designed for use with tonometers IC100, IC200 and TA01i. The probes are available in 100 pcs/box or 600 pcs/box.

Single-use iCare probes ensure patients’ safety

The probes are designed for single use only, and they should not be cleaned or re-used. Multiple-use of the probe can cause cross-contamination. Cleaning or mishandling the probe can bring damage and shorten the lifetime of the device as well as affect the measurement result. To ensure patient safety and the accuracy of IOP measurements, we recommend using the original iCare probes only.

Repeatable IOP measurements

The probe consists of gold-plated metal wire with a small plastic tip made of medical-grade plastic. During the measurement procedure, the probe makes brief, momentary contact with the eye’s cornea six consecutive times for each eye. The patient barely notices the contact. The probe’s weight and straightness tolerances are very tight to ensure repeatable IOP measurements.

Hygienic and safe – no contamination risk

Owing to rebound technology, use of an iCare tonometer does not create microaerosol formations, because measuring requires no disinfection, anesthesia, drops, air, or other preparation.

Easy to insert and remove

The iCare probes are very easy to insert in and remove from the probe base. The probes are supplied in individual protective probe tubes. After removing the probe from the tube, it is only needed to allow the probe to slide down to the probe base. The tonometer automatically magnetizes and holds the probe in place.