Introducing Quick Measure — a faster way to measure IOP

An Innovative New Feature Added to the iCare IC200

With the Quick Measure feature, the iCare IC200 measures IOP with two or three rapid individual measurements, instead of the standard six, resulting in a shorter test time. This reduces the measurement time to about one-third of the device’s default measurement method, making the iCare IC200 with Quick Measure an ideal solution for even the most challenging patients.

Learn how the versatile IC200 offers eye care professionals an enhanced clinical experience.

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Quicker tests combined with the high performance of iCare IC200

Quick Measure was compared to the Goldmann Applanation Tonometer in an analysis of clinical data. The performance data meets the requirements of the ANSI Z80.10:2014 tonometer standard.

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Non-invasive and comfortable measurements for better patient experience

With Quick Measure, you get all the benefits of iCare’s patented rebound technology eliminating the need for a puff of air or anesthetic drops. The exam is non-invasive, comfortable for the patients, and easy to perform for the operator. Additionally, the Quick Measure feature can be used on patients in any position — supine, reclined or seated.

Read how the unique rebound technology has made iCare tonometers one of the most popular choices among eye care professionals and patients worldwide.

Quick Measure is an effective and efficient alternative to the default measurement method of the IC200 tonometer. With its accurate results, Quick Measure is a useful addition that can enhance the tonometry experience.

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