Article January 9, 2023

Why the iCare DRSplus Raises the Retinal Imaging Benchmark | Article Originally Published by The Ophthalmologist

iCare DRSplus imaging system

With many years of experience developing retinal imaging devices, iCare is highly ranked for scientific excellence and well known for providing ophthalmic imaging devices that help doctors diagnose and monitor eye disorders, retina diseases, and glaucoma with high accuracy. Following the success of the iCare DRS, the iCare team has carefully crafted the iCare DRSplus – a new imaging device that combines the best of fundus imaging technology with TrueColor Confocal technology to provide a new gold standard for retinal imaging.

iCare DRSplus confocal fundus imaging system uses white LED illumination that produces 45° detail-rich images and up to 80° mosaic images with greater resolution and contrast compared with traditional fundus camera imaging devices. Clarifying visualization further, red-free filtering is used to enhance the detail of retina vasculature, blue images provide a clearer image of the nerve fiber layer, and the red channel allows light to penetrate deeper into the retina. The confocal technology is also able to scan through cataracts and can therefore lead to clearer diagnosis and documentation of ocular disease in these patients.

Efficient but patient friendly

Alongside producing high-quality images, the iCare DRSplus provides a comfortable patient experience. The reduced flash intensity has a softer effect on the pupil and the non-mydriatic device permits imaging through pupils as small as 2.5mm – negating the need for dilating drops and dark environments. The quick and easy patient positioning paired with a quick examination period, ensures that the device is both comfortable and adept.

With a focus on automated capabilities – including auto-alignment, auto-focus, auto-exposure, and auto-capture – the intuitive imaging
system requires minimal staff training. Offering live IR preview and filtering options that make image post-processing simpler, the device ensures a more consistent and efficient workflow. Reviewing retinal images is also made easier by the touch screen that allows for easy magnification – and the remote viewer feature allows access to remote data from multiple review stations.

Championing a spirit of innovation, creativity, and exceptional expertise, iCare continues to shape products in collaboration with customers, industry leaders, and world-class researchers. This latest innovation simplifies the current standard of retinal imaging and paves a new pathway for the future of imaging devices.

Originally published by The Ophthalmologist.

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