1. 2019 | Accurate Home Diurnal IOP Recordings For Improved Glaucoma Management

    Publisher: 2019

    Field of study: Ophthalmology

    Authors: Ike Ahmed, MD

  2. December 2022 | Am J Ophthalmol | The Utility of Home Tonometry for Peri-Interventional Decision-Making in Glaucoma Surgery: Case Series

    Publisher: Am J Ophthalmol case rep

    Authors: Ariana M. Levin,a Elyse J. McGlumphy,b Craig J. Chaya,a Barbara M. Wirostko,a,1 and Thomas V. Johnsonb,∗,1

  3. Determining Significant Elevation of Intraocular Pressure Using Self-tonometry

  4. Repeatability and agreement of intraocular pressure measurement among three tonometers

  5. Self-monitoring of intraocular pressure using Icare HOME tonometry in clinical practice

  6. Self-measurement with Icare HOME tonometer, patients' feasibility and acceptability

  7. iCare rebound tonometers: review of their characteristics and ease of use

  8. Fiabilité et reproductibilité des mesures de la pression intraoculaire par le tonomètre Icare® Home (modèle TA022) et comparaison avec les mesures au tonomètre à aplanation de Goldmann chez des patients glaucomateux [Reliability and reproducibility of introcular pressure (IOP) measurement with the Icare® Home rebound tonometer (model TA022) and comparison with Goldmann applanation tonometer in glaucoma patients].

  9. Evaluation of a New Rebound Self-tonometer, Icare HOME: Comparison With Goldmann Applanation Tonometer

  10. Monitoring daily intraocular pressure fluctuations with self-tonometry in healthy subjects